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Forever Permanent Makeup Artist

0041Ms. Camilla Choe

has been working as a permanent(semi-permanent) makeup artist for sixteen years. “Other beauty salon business work on facial makeup, sell cosmetics and provide botox injection, but I only provide permanent makeup for my clients. I think that being a permanent makeup artist requires real professional skills and artistic sense.”
Natural and delicate technique is her strength, and she always performs the work herself. “When I work on my clients, I work as if I am creating a piece of art. I do my best for every individual who comes to me. I work by appointment only and serve one or two clients per day. Due to its delicate nature, permanent makeup artistry requires tremendous energy. After a couple of sessions, I get very tired. Only by devoting my whole mind to the job, will my client and I be satisfied with the results. As a permanent makeup artist, my goal is to refine my clients’ facial features.”

Lately, some permanent makeup artists perform without a license and use cheap materials. Ms. Choe says that it is hard to fix failed permanent makeup and there has been a recent increase in people requesting such fixes. She also stresses that even if it cost a little more expensive, it is very important to use the licensed and experienced permanent makeup artist. Some of her clients come to her with failed permanent makeup.

“It is very important,” stresses Ms, Choe, “to achieve a natural look when using permanent makeup can be much better than facial reconstruction or botox injections. The most important thing is to find someone who is experienced and has an esthetic sense.”

Ms. Choe stresses that an experienced permanent makeup artist should be able to harmonize overall facial shape such as eyebrows; eye line; lip line, color and depth, as well as skin tone.

According to Ms. Choe, clients should have a professional consultation before deciding on permanent makeup. In this consultation clients can discuss existing conditions, tears easily, having crooked lips and nose, spending too much time on makeup or wanting to have a natural and younger look. Ms. Choe says, “Recently, we have seen an increase in male clients who want to eliminate wrinkles around their eyes, mouth, nose and skin.”

Forever Permanent Make-Up recently moved to 3255 Wilshire Blvd. And offers special discounts to its regular members.

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